They got experiences from Norway

The part of the programme was the educational stay in Norway. The teacher Karol Kubica and two students, Soňa Horečná and Matúš Čierňava, spent in the north of Europe several days.  „It is a nice country, similar to Slovakia, but people there protect it more. Scientists, professionals, politicians but also businessmen can set up that, for example, they will work for 100 years to change grey places into blue-green ones. They also prepared how should the city look like to avoid  floods. Politicians agreed with it and this decision will never change even there will be another goverment. While building new blocks of flats, businessmen build a park, lakes, rainning gardens first,“ says Karol Kubica according to his experiences from Norway.

 What can we do? 

Changing of the climate is the whole world´s problem, but each of us can do something. Join  and recycle the rubbish, save electric energy and drinking water. Buy goods with the environmental sign. Travel by the local transport. Plant a tree at school or in your garden or in the place you live. Five trees can absorb around one tone CO during the life.


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The professional lecture - Rainnig systems