The Blue school project visited Kysuce

Thanks to the project the Secondary Technical School of Engineering in Kysucké Nové Mesto under its headmaster Ondrej Holienčík could give some lectures on climate changes, rainwater harvesting and its subsequent use where students and school staff were engaged in the changes of the school premises and two students together with their teacher could take part in Norway.

The Blue school project is a part of the programme "Adapting to Climate Change - Flood and Drought Prevention" financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic. The programme manager is the Government Office of the Slovak Republic. 

 "The main objective of the programme and the project itself is to raise the public awareness and education about climate change issues. Within the project there were realized adaptationmeasures focused on increasing the share of vegetation, rainwater harvesting and the water permeable surfaces on the school premises", said the headmaster Ondrej Holienčík. 

Knowledge applied to practice

Thus, students could learn something about global warming, the water cycle in nature, rainwater using, how plants help maintain the rain cycle. They were also working on the school premises where they planted new broadleaved trees, conifers and shrubs. In June and July, car parking spaces, green roofs, and a rainwater reservoir were built on the school premises. In September, adaptation measures have been finished by making a small lake and eco-paving. 

Not only students and teachers of our school were engaged in this project but also some local citizens´ associations and organizations, such as the Slovak Fisheries´ Union - the local organization Kysucké Nové Mesto, the Civic Association - Our school, the Žilina Self-Governing Region as the education provider and the town Kysucké Nové Mesto. Total eligible project costs - 39 384 €.